Swarovski Crystal Vitrail Light Star Prism, 20mm, Retired with logo

$ 13.99

 One Petite 20mm Vitrail Light Swarovski Star Approx. 3/4 of an inch across (size of a dime)  and has the coating on the back side to create all hues of color without the sunlight.   This Prism makes a bold statement and flashes deep colors.  Part of the 8000 series prisms that were discontinued and now very rare.   The star ornament embodies the precision world class optically pure crystal that Swarovski is famed for.   This hard to find prism  has  the Swarovski prism logo next to the hole at the top.  Beads and hanging filament included.  Your prism will be boxed with a bow as shown .


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