Swarovski Crystal AB iSnowflake Prism Ornament Suncatcher, 35mm Logo, Retired

Sold out.

  Swarovski 35mm Aurora Borealis special effect.  The back side has a reflective coating to produce the most vivid color on the front side.  Long retired in this size and color with the logo.  1-1/2 inches across and is the largest snowflake prism ever made by Swarovski.   I only have left what is listed and then they are gone for good.   This prism makes gorgeous car jewelry when hung from a visor, ornament for your tree or a spectacular larger pendant.  It has all the rainbow light refracting qualities that Swarovski is famed for.  Hang it in your winter window and watch the rainbows.  Beads and hanging filament will be included .  


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