Crystal Ruby Red Bell Top Leaded Dradel Prism Ornament, 30mm

$ 13.99

  Made by Asfour crystal and is a leaded  30mm, 1-1/2 inches tall and 1-1/4 across. This shape is often called a bell, a dradel or a top, whatever the name it is a unique shape.  12 facets on the top and  bottom start at the point and end at the sides sort of like a spoke in a wheel, then is has faces around the outside edge.  This is a true Ruby Red Color and would be gorgeous on a Christmas tree as an ornament.   Very few prisms are made in this color and are hard to find.  There is a hole at the top to hang it by.   Your prism will be gift boxed as shown.  Beads and hanging filament included.


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