Swarovski Crystal Jet Black 30mm Moon & 28mm Star Prism Ornaments Pendants

Sold out.

The Jet Black Swarovski  moon is a is 30mm in size just over 1-1/4 inches long.  Paired with it is A Swarovski Jet 28mm Star (approx. the size of a quarter).  This new edition color is part of Swarovsk's new line and is even finer cut and has more shine than ever before.  The jet color is opaque and therefore does not refract the light.   Swarovski has recently moved it's stars and moons into the pendant line, increased the price (and quality) and removed the logo's as pendants do not carry the etched logo. Beads and hanging filament included.  Your prisms will be boxed with a bow as shown.


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