Swarovski 40mm & 28mm Blue Violet Star Prisms, logo

$ 24.99

 One Big 40mm (1-3/4") & one  28mm  (1") Swarovski  Blue Violet Star. These logoed stars are now retired and I have a very limited quantity.  I find these Brilliant Swarovski prisms amazing, they are a definite color and yet hung in a sunny window they refract all colors. Swarovski suncatchers are world famed for unbeatable brilliance, optical purity and precision cuts.   Hung with your annual ornaments makes a spectacular arrangement. These stars would make a beautiful necklaces hung on a silver chain or cord to wear with your Tanzanite Jewelry.  They have a hole at the top for hanging and the Swarovski prism logo. What a rare and unique gift these would make.  Beads and hanging filament included.   Boxed with bow as shown.  


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